Saying goodbye is not always easy,

especially when you know the situation here.

But our team is heart-educated, solidarity-based and it is very important to them that the refugees we deliver every week feel seen and heard, regardless of whether I am there or not.

THAT people is priceless.

So today we started the weekly food distribution with a lot of humor and mutual goodwill.

we are used to saying goodbye.

teams renew themselves, I fly home – but one has remained stable for 4 years.

We feel connected at heart far beyond our work and we all want to do the best for the refugees here on Lesbos.

and do good to each other, regardless of nationality, skin color or religion. This is the only way we can remain in the long term with the humanity that we all need.

you can support our work, even small amounts can change worlds

thank you very much!

Refugee assistance- doro blancke

AT93 3842 0000 0002 7516

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