Let's talk about the things that bring joy ❤️

The way is the goal

Humanity, joy, success and love are the things that make me stay where I am.

Next to young people who have experienced unimaginable things. War, terror, rape, abuse, brutality in its purest form. Who have made unimaginable efforts, who mourn the loss of their family every day, who sleep badly at night.

Alongside young people who, when they experience respect, appreciation and love, are ready again, or even for the first time, to engage in interpersonal relationships, begin to smile again, turn somersaults to gain a foothold in our communities. Who now, after almost three years of arrival, have a good command of our language, are firmly established in our community, attend schools, have found apprenticeships, make friends and proudly present their achievements. And belong to our families.


Emran came to Austria from Afghanistan about 3 years ago. His tragic story forced him to flee and leave his beloved family. From day one, Emran tried everything to learn our language. He wanted to exchange ideas, make new friends, build a new life here after all the grief and pain.

Emran successfully graduated from secondary school. Always studying hard, friendly and helpful, he soon made friends and was always welcome by both teachers and students.

During this time, Austria also recognised his reasons for fleeing and he received a positive asylum decision. His joy was immense and the door to his new life was open.


He made good use of the opportunity. His wish to work in a laboratory and discussions with Herbert Pock/Austin &. Partner, Graz led us with his help to the company Lactosan/Kapfenberg, who were willing to have a first talk with Emran. Emran was able to convince those responsible at this meeting. After a trial day and another interview, the apprenticeship contract to become a food technician was signed.

In January 2017, the time had come. With the support of wonderful people, we found a room in Upper Styria in time and Emran was able to start his apprenticeship full of joy. The joy has remained until today, on both sides. This spring Emran completed his first year of vocational school in Wels, Upper Austria, to everyone's satisfaction. The fact that my aunt has her flat almost right next to the boarding school and supported Emran in his studies at my request gave Emran the security he needed. The fact that the Wels part of my family took him in gave us all great joy.

Now Emran is back in Kapfenberg, full of enthusiasm and diligence in his second year of training. And I, I am happy, pleased about his regular visits to Graz, about the great feedback from his trainers and I am very happy about Emran's growing into an independent, peaceful life. A wonderful gift for all of us.

Dear Emran, I am so happy about your journey and I thank you for opening your heart after all the hardships to start all over again and to trust in life. And I thank all those who have opened their hearts to Emran, who have given support and taken an interest, heartfelt thanks! In solidarity, Doro

Since so much is possible with love, humanity and rules, I will happily continue to present beautiful stories of new beginnings here. We have many such "individual cases".

If the government is willing to support good settling-in at some point, I will be happy to advise ;). It's not that difficult if you understand what people need.




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