The situation on Lesbos remains unchanged


When Helga and I landed here on Lesbos months ago, in September 20 to be exact, ...
When I think back today, neither of us knew what exactly would happen, how it would develop and what drastic experiences we would have here.

I also didn't know that I would be talking to Helga on the phone from here for the last time. I miss her.

If I had known that after 8 months I would still be here because still no one in #Europe finds it worth the effort to get people out of this filth, out of this desolation, out of this abominable dependency, what would have been my/our thoughts on this?

I know every day, all those who are here and at home know, it would be so easy to end this suffering. And this guilt that we have on us.
It would be so easy to do the right thing, of course. Namely, to house people in Europe in a humane way in 2021.

We have discussions, almost daily, about everything we can do here thanks to your help and also when we are convinced on the one hand that we are doing the right thing at the moment of this human rights catastrophe, why we a) still "have" to do it and b) for how much longer and c) what can we do in parallel to change the overall state of affairs.

Everyone who comes here, works with us, visits us, reports about it, shows in their own way their deepest concern, their sadness and anger about it.
We have organised donations of clothes and goods throughout the winter, we have financed a warehouse and flats, we are volunteers at #HomeForAll, in the meantime we have become friends.

We are doing great projects together, we have financed the kitchen renovation, we are now doing a wonderful "children's breakfast project" with Nikos and Katarina and we have spent the last week, besides our daily routine (warehouse, bulk shopping, food distribution, shoe shopping, networking, feeding shelter seekers, etc.), building a garden at Home for All.
Protection seekers can come there to eat, Katarina will cook for them lovingly, they can spend an afternoon, together with their loved ones and friends, escaping this hell of Moria2 for a few hours, meet themselves and other people and rest for a while.
How much longer, Chancellor, do you want to tolerate these "token actions"?
Disaster relief, which is necessary because you do not want to choose the right thing, namely to free people from this disaster.

And again and again I ask myself/we ask ourselves, my friends, colleagues, how much longer?
How much longer do doctors who work as medical volunteers have to confirm that the majority of those seeking protection have massive psychological problems, traumas, or psychosomatic, European-inflicted complaints such as migraines, gastritis, headaches, back, stomach and intestinal complaints. Skin diseases, etc.
How much longer will children have to ask us for their basic rights, such as clothes, food, exercise books, writing materials, even sweets? How much longer will they have to do without school, playgrounds, social attention, be deprived of them here in Europe?

How long will it take until they get a fair asylum procedure that is adequate to our legal system, until women can simply take a normal shower during their period, after giving birth, or after a love encounter?
How long will it take until people seeking protection, who have been living here on the island for years, do not have to sleep on the hard floor, but now have to live in the plastic heat of a tent in the summer?
How long will it take before people are granted the most normal thing in the world, a decent place to live?

When will all the lies finally stop?
The politicians say they have everything under control, they have all helped so wonderfully, although they invest more money in spreading these lies and in warding off those seeking protection than in giving the people what everyone should be entitled to in a civilised country, a roof over their heads and security.

My sadness, my anger, my joy at what I have achieved and my powerlessness here in this brutal, inhumane, European system, it all takes a lot of resources.
The thousands of kilometres we have already travelled on this island, the thousands of meals, the hundreds of food parcels we have distributed, all because power-hungry, depraved people have politically decided to pursue "deterrence and isolation policies" in order to be able to satisfy their lust for power regardless of losses.
In their pretended "responsible press conferences" they purr something about increasing aid funds, responsibility towards us, their efforts for a strong Europe, and we allow ourselves to be woven into these deadly cobwebs, because it is so much easier to believe "we can't do anything", "you have to help on the ground", than to admit that we are completely abandoning children, women, men here. Watching them being systematically wrecked, watching us all move 1 cm further over the red line of cruelty every day.

Once again, pictures are strictly not allowed to be published, because they want to protect the dirty, desperate, helpless privacy of the people concerned.
And they don't want to disturb the burgeoning summer flash with pictures of misery.

How long will you continue to whitewash, ignore and help to cause all these crimes against people, the People's Party, the Greens and all the silent ones?
How far can the misery go, to what extent do we allow it to exist, so that this inhumanity is put in order, this massive crime against people and their rights is ended?
How dirty do people have to be here in Europe for us to want to change it?

If you would like to support our work on the Greek islands, we would appreciate a donation to:
Flüchtlingshilfe-doro blancke
AT93 3842 0000 0002 7516

Doro Blancke
GFin "Flüchtlingshilfe-refugee assistance-doro blancke"

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