Asylum and Migration European Union

The issues I work on together with NGO colleagues cannot always be viewed only nationally.

Many of our demands concern the community of states, the European Union.

I would like to thank MEP Dr Bettina Vollath, S&D, from the bottom of my heart, who not only always has an open ear for us, but also does everything she can in her areas of work to bring about good solutions.

Deportations to Afghanistan are just as unacceptable to Dr Vollath as the current situation at the EU's external borders. She knows that a humane, uniform European asylum system is needed and that holistic solutions can only happen through cohesion and not through exclusion.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, esteemed Dr Vollath, and wish for many such committed politicians like you, across all parties. Because only in democratic, respectful cooperation will we achieve our goals of a good, dignified life together for all.

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