#Afghanistan #ChangingTheNarrative - Ehsan Jan

What a great joy, Ehsan, who came to Austria with his two brothers in 2014, has completed his LAP/Painter and Coating Technician. Dear Ehsan, we all congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, great achievement.

Since, for whatever reason, it is not possible for the political leaders to report on the many successes of the young Afghans, we do it. And with great pleasure!

A big thank you also to Ehsan's master painter Michael Großbötzl from Ried. http://www. grossboetzl.at/ Not only did he trust Ehsan from the very beginning, he also showed enormous commitment and supported us again and again when the three brothers were threatened with deportation to Afghanistan. You remember, together and with the help of Dr. Benno Wageneder we were able to get Matin, Ehsan and Yousuf out of detention pending deportation and at a new asylum hearing the brothers were granted Ab+. All 3 are now living in safety and peace in Ried and are shaping their new lives independently. Heartfelt thanks to all who believed in the boys, life is beautiful!

The year of the harvest!

Several young Afghans are finishing their apprenticeship this year. A great achievement when you know what they have been through until they could finally find peace.

Every hour, every heartfelt movement, every conversation of our work makes sense. The young Afghans are doing great things and it is time that we appreciate that and rejoice with them!

#ChangingTheNarrative #AfganistanIsNotSafe #BeSafe #StopDeportationToAfghanistan

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