#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - Harald Schrott

"Back to the war zone Afghanistan? That's inhumane. Stop it!" Harald Schrott, actor

Clear and realistic statement by actor Harald Schrott. He is well known through theatre, film and television. We are sincerely grateful to people like him, don't beat about the bush but get to the point, we thank you very much for your support, dear Mr. Schrott.

We urgently request that this demand be given a lot of space in the public discussion on the topic of "deportations to Afghanistan". The silence on this violation of human rights must be broken!

Let's not be afraid to talk about it. There are many documentaries that confirm our demands as correct. (See below) Afghanistan is a country at war, shaken by terror, mafia machinations and brutal power struggles. A life in security and dignity is not possible in Afghanistan in the current situation.

Many thanks for everyone who decides to discuss the deportations to Afghanistan both in the environment and publicly and to demand their immediate cessation.



http://www.fairness-asyl.at/, https://www.sichersein.at/,



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  1. the current security situation in afghanistan prohibits us from sending people back there

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