OUR VISIONWe want to support, accompany and connect. To make our contribution to peace and good coexistence.

UNSERE MISSIONNiemanden zurücklassen

Our mission is to help refugees. For most people, leaving their homeland is neither a wish nor an easy decision. In most cases, this departure is associated with the saddest experiences and great losses. Many times, however, those affected have no choice but to leave behind their homes, family and friends, the things they know and love. We want to help precisely those people so that they receive dignified accommodation and a fair asylum procedure upon arrival, that they are well received in our society, can integrate and develop their talents.

In reality, however, many experiences refugees make today look different.

People risk their lives and give their last to reach safety, where they then have to "live" in slum camps deprived of dignity and rights.

In these places like Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Calais, etc. we network to support local NGOs financially, logistically and also with personal commitment in their work and also to bring them together with like-minded people in Europe. We believe in the WE.

On the other hand, we also want to report on the atrocities in these places and at Europe's external borders. To be one of the voices of people in greatest need. This violation of human rights and the Geneva Refugee Convention must not be allowed to fade from view. Show the ugly pictures that hardly anyone wants to see, talk about them, speak out against them.

Keep showing and addressing what is but should not be.

Gleichzeitig wollen wir auch, gemeinsam mit anderen NGOs in Österreich wie der Asylkoordination Österreich, der Diakonie, SOS Mitmensch, Caritas, Volkshilfe, FairnessAsyl und Vereinen und Gemeinschaften für die Rechte von Menschen auf der Flucht und für verbesserte Lebensumstände eintreten. Dazu gehört Unterstützung bei der Einwebung in unsere Gesellschaft, die Forderung nach fairen Asylverfahren und unabhängiger Rechtsberatung im Verfahren, aber auch die Vernetzung mit Menschen auf der Flucht und Schutzberechtigten mit Österreicher*innen und Menschen, die bereits länger hier leben.

This is our mission, which we realise together with you, our donors.

Auf Lesbos verteilen wir jede Woche Essenspakete an 150-200 Empfänger*innen. Dabei spüren wir natürlich auch die stark steigenden Lebensmittelpreise massiv und freuen uns daher über jede Unterstützung für diese grundlegende Versorgung der Menschen in Not.

OUR FOCUSWhat we do


On Site Support

We work on the ground to help people in need at the hotspots in and around Europe in their daily struggle for survival. We do this both ourselves and through the financial support of local NGOs.

Promote dialogue

The topic of flight, its reasons and its consequences must not be kept in silence. The ugly images of this world must be made public so that we can talk about them together and find solutions.

Legal work

We provide legal support to refugees by mediating initiatives and lawyers and at the same time take action against unlawful actions such as deportations to countries at war.


My name is Doro Blancke and I have been working for refugees for six years. What I have seen and experienced during these years motivates me every day anew to use all my energy for the weakest and most disenfranchised in our world.