Update – Chios

Hell is growing in Europe
humans are treated worse than animals, it’s a crime against people and their rights.
We have to stop that, immediately!

No warm water, Elektric only by the hour, terrible psychological and physical problems, single women totally unprotected, massive violation of human rights, rats, snakes, a deceased was found eaten by rats in his tent.

is that what we mean by European values ​​and respect for human rights?

what does the commissioner Ylva Johansson say about this misery?
Please respond immediately.

We all should talk about ORF Ö1 DER STANDARD Corinna Milborn Süddeutsche Zeitung Die Furche

Wochenende für Moria, Wochenende für Moria – GrazSOS Mitmenschasylkoordination österreichDiakonie ÖsterreichPlattform für eine menschliche Asylpolitik#HumanRights#greekislands#asylumseeker#SOS

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