Update - Samos

#GreekIslands #humanrightsbreach #EU#refugees #disaster #EvacuateNow

Here, too, we see the picture of brutality and the massive violation of human rights that the Greeks are committing on behalf of all member states.

I cannot and will not understand it and call on the Austrian Federal Government, People's Party and The Greens to act immediately.
We are part of this European community, we have rights, but also duties.
The circumstances that are being imposed on those seeking protection and those entitled to asylum here in Greece are scandalous and intolerable.
I also ask the members of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) parliamentary club to finally stop their memorised answers regarding #HilfeVorOrt, "everything got better".
Either you know, can't or don't want to do better, all 3 attitudes are unacceptable!
Travel here, get a picture and then tell us again that everything is fine.

What is happening here is a crime against the people, against their rights and against our community of values!
We demand immediate action instead of washing our hands in supposed innocence with money that disappears into the "darkness of politics".

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