#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - Roberta Rastl

"Anyone who sends people who have fled war and persecution back to a war-torn country like Afghanistan, thereby accepting their death, is acting inhumanely." Roberta Rastl/Media Relations Diakonie Austria

Many of us know Roberta as a reliable contact person. Her warmth and humour are exemplary and bring a lot of joy into our sometimes stressful everyday work. Roberta Rastl clearly expresses what many of us are thinking. The inhumane deportations are incomprehensible for many Austrians. We demand a public discussion and a suspension of the deportations to Afghanistan until the new country findings are on the table. Thank you, dear Roberta, for supporting all of us with your statement and your perseverance for justice and peace.

Afghanistan is a country at war, we urgently demand a political rethink on this issue. Every deportation, like the upcoming one on 4 February 20 to Kabul/Afghanistan, is a violation of human rights.

http://www.fairness-asyl.at/, https://blog.diakonie.at/tagging/menschenrechte, https://www.sichersein.at/2019/12/06/stopdeportationtoafghanistan/,

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