#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - FORUM Stadtpark/Graz

"We want the spring of hearts and greet from the square of human rights in Graz! No more deportations to Afghanistan!" Board FORUM Stadtpark, Heidrun Primas, Emil Gruber and Robin Klengel http://www.forumstadtpark.at/

A big thank you to the board of the FORUM Stadtpark for the statement against the deportations to Afghanistan. All of us who are active against these cruel deportations to a high-risk area like Afghanistan appreciate it immensely when people from different sectors of our society speak out on this issue. Because it affects all of us, our entire society, when such a breach of human rights happens in Austria.

Afghanistan has been in a state of war for decades. All these years, the people in Afghanistan have suffered from terrorist attacks, brutal violence, corruption, and there are hardly any civilians who are not affected. The domestic escape possibilities described here in Europe are a farce, well described by Dr. Friederike Stahlmann https://www.ecoi.net/en/file/local/2017434/AM19-8-9_beitrag_stahlmann.pdf

The situation in Afghanistan is increasingly deteriorating. Not only politically, but also due to Covid. None of the deportees is in a position to lead a safe life on their own.

Most of the young people from Afghanistan who fled their country to escape war and terror were hopeful young people who wanted to live here in peace and asked for protection. Since the 2016 Joint Way Forward Deal between the EU and Afghanistan, which also includes a return agreement, the situation for Afghan refugees in Austria has changed dramatically.

We NGOs and helpers can experience this suffering, the fear, this incredible pressure, which has a massive impact on the psychological situation of the young people on the run, at first hand. It hurts us deeply. Young people, pupils, students, apprentices, are plagued by massive fears, sleeping disorders, self-harm, even suicide.

Afghanistan is a high-risk area. We therefore ask all Austrians to speak out on these inhumane deportations. Let us comply with the wish of the FORUM Stadtpark and let the spring of hearts blossom. Let us seek dialogue with political leaders, in our neighbourhood, with local politicians. Let's demand a clear and unequivocal stop to the deportations to Afghanistan.

How unworthy and what kind of harshness is being displayed here politically is evident in many areas. Ongoing news from Afghanistan is hushed up https://www1.wdr.de/daserste/monitor/sendungen/afghanistan-nato-100.html. Currently, Afghan apprentices receive their deportation notice immediately after their final apprenticeship exams. For purely populist political reasons, even the best-integrated apprentices want to be deported to Afghanistan. We hope for a quick solution here as well.

Deportations to a high-risk area are irresponsible and not worthy of a rich country like Austria, which prides itself on its Christian social values.

#AfghanistanIsNotSafe #BeSafe #FairnessAsylum #HumanRights

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