#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - Edith Draxl/UniT/Graz

We repeat ourselves!

And will continue to do so until everyone has enough information on the topic and understands why deportations to #Afghanistan are a violation of human rights and unjustifiable!
Attacks in Afghanistan are a daily occurrence, different media report regularly.
Hardly anyone in Afghanistan is not affected by violence, the effects of war. There are no safe places, as the BFA claims.

Now Covid19 is joining in.
There is hardly any medical care, famine is spreading across the country, people are helpless in the face of this cruel fate! There is no support.

Austria must not carry out deportations to Afghanistan under these circumstances.
Do not fly a single person to their doom!

Many of the young Afghans are very well integrated, have learned our language, have become friends. They are doing their best every day to build an independent life here with their new friends, godmothersand families.
The pressure put on them by the threat of deportation is unbearable and irresponsible. It causes massive fears that are almost unbearable. Which we, who accompany these people, can only bear with supervision.
This is not how we want to and must not treat people who have fled war to seek protection and peace. It is a breach of humanity and human rights that we do not want to and cannot accept under any circumstances.

That's why we ask you again and again to write your demands to the responsible political persons, demand an immediate stop of the deportations to Afghanistan and help to distribute our campaign!
The deportations are happening solely on the basis of a policy of "ugly pictures" to satisfy nationalist votersand racistsand to keep them in line.
Let's never forget: Afghanistan is a high-risk area and #EveryLivesMatter

Today with Edith Draxl, who has been working with people on the run in Graz for years, personally supporting people who are threatened with deportation. She is the artistic director of uniT.

#HumanRights #Safety #Asylum #Afghanistan

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