#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - Christoph Riedl

How could we start the New Year better than with a man who is regarded both in Austria and in Europe as one of the people who sincerely, peacefully and with all their might preserve human rights and fight for them every day, Christoph Riedl.

Christoph Riedl is an expert on asylum, integration and human rights. He worked for 20 years in the Diakonie Refugee Service, and since May 2016 he has strengthened the team of Diakonie Austria in basic social policy work.

"The ice of civilisation has become thin in Europe. Let's stop it from breaking......" . A good guideline for 2020. Christoph is a great role model for many of us NGOs, for many people in society, because he not only expresses his stance on peaceful coexistence and human rights, but also sincerely represents it in his daily actions.

We thank you, dear Christoph, from the bottom of our hearts for your great commitment, for your courage, your sincerity. And for the knowledge that also in 2020 every minute of your actions will be directed towards peaceful community and for people in need.

#HumanRights #Asylum #AfghanistanIsNotSafe http://www.blog.diakonie.at http://www.sichersein.at http://www.fairness-asyl.at

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