#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - AusbildungStattAbschiebung?

The initiative #AusbildungStattAbschiebung (apprenticeship instead of deportation), initiated by the current Minister Rudi Anschober and supported by many NGOs, business people and private individuals has achieved a lot.
The apprentices, mainly from Afghanistan, have received a so-called "inhibition" and can complete their apprenticeship.

The first apprentices are finished, they are trained to become urgently needed skilled workers and I note that the Federal Government, the BMI continue to assume that those concerned will (have to) go back to Afghanistan after the final apprenticeship examination!

Irrespective of how absurd it is to let our economy invest a lot of money and energy to train young people to become skilled workers urgently needed in the respective companies, only to take them away from them again straight away, I am also outraged by the attitude towards young people who come from a high-risk area and seek protection here.

The young people come from Afghanistan!
A country that has been at war for more than 40 years, with attacks, civilian deaths, terror and violence. There is no possibility, as some people in charge and apparently ignorant parliamentarians claim, to find work in Afghanistan, let alone to put what they have learned into practice.
On the contrary!

I "accompany" deported Afghans in Afghanistan. They are in the greatest need, can hardly survive without support from Europe, are repeatedly exposed to blackmail, persecution by radical people and suffer the worst psychological torment!
Is this what we want to share responsibility for?

The people who have fled Afghanistan and landed here with us have done their best, have learned, have bonded with our society in love, have put down roots here for the last 5 years. But they are not allowed to rest, because irresponsible politicians, power mongers of the highest order, ignore every humanitarian impulse and want to bring them back to a high-risk area!

I know the everyday life of these fellows.
They suffer from extreme anxiety, insomnia, psychosomatic illnesses, depression and all for this one reason: the terrible fear of being deported to the most dangerous country in the world by unscrupulous politicians after completing their training/apprenticeship.

Not only for humanitarian reasons, but also from a human rights perspective, I expect a responsible solution from the two governing parties.
Time is pressing! And it is unacceptable not to find a solution for these blameless, well-integrated young people.

Afghanistan is a country at war.
We must not allow political claims to power, deliberate brutalisation in politics to take place at the expense of young people! Breaking young people who come from a country at war in this way is a crime.

#HumanRights #AfghanistanIsNotSafe #BeSafe #EducationInsteadOfDeportation

Doro Blancke, Member of the Board Fairness-Asylum, Ute Bock Award Winner 2020

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