#StopDeportationToAfghanistan - Antje Hochholdinger

Antje Hochholdinger, actress #StopDeportationToAfghanistan

"There is a war going on in Afghanistan", with that the Austrian actress and director Antje Hochholdinger says everything that needs to be said on the subject of "no deportations to Afghanistan". Deporting people to a country at war, a high-risk area, is a breach of human rights that we must not tolerate under any circumstances.

The Austrian federal government is already planning further deportations to Afghanistan. Again and again it is reported that "only" criminal offenders are deported, which a) is not true and b) does not make things any better. Politicians and the media deliberately paint a picture of young Afghans that is supposed to justify the cruelty of a deportation to a high-risk area.

But in reality it is about something else. At any price, they want to a) "satisfy" the many FPÖ voters who have switched to the ÖVP and b) send a clear signal to Afghanistan and other countries that "people on the run are not wanted here! With these inhumane measures, with "ugly pictures", as he himself called them, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to prevent more people seeking protection from coming to Europe, to Austria.

For this it is accepted that people drown miserably in the Mediterranean, the refugee camps in Greece are overflowing, camps built for 3,000 people now house 20,000 people, among them many women and children, refugees are abandoned on floating islands in the Mediterranean, in Bosnia 6,000 people are stuck and according to NGO reports are mistreated in the worst way by Croatian police, fractures and dog bites are not uncommon! In Austria, refugees are already waiting 4 1/2 years and more for an asylum decision and are so politically marginalised during this time (no German courses, no job opportunities, just hanging around in camps and waiting, more than 4 years (!). As a result, and I think that those responsible are also aware of this, many of the people affected become mentally ill in addition to their trauma, suffer from sleep disorders, severe depression, and even suicide attempts and suicide.

Thousands of people in Austria cannot bear this inhumanity, this inconceivable treatment of refugees and have taken care of refugees from Afghanistan privately and with their own financial means over the last few years. Many of them have found families, friends and godparents here. Many of them go to schools, complete training courses, they try to build a new life in peace and security here with great effort. Many success stories tell of how well this works. The young people, embedded in a social association, welcomed in love, come to rest and can thus unfold the beauty of their beings and contribute their strengths and kindness to our community. The answer of politics: NGOs are marginalised, financially starved, in the worst case criminalised.

It cannot and must not be that we send people to a war zone where nothing but violence and misery awaits them, where they are completely on their own, retraumatised by violence and corruption through deportation from Austria. There is no possibility for them to gain a foothold in Afghanistan, to find work. Most of the deportees are financially supported by their former Austrian families and friends, and they once again desperately set out on the run.

The current Covid19 situation makes leaving the country impossible. People who have dared to try have lost their lives, as recent events have shown. Corona will lead the country into a famine, the extent of which cannot yet be assessed in any way. https://www.fluechtlingsrat-lsa.de/2020/04/corona-in-afghanistan-einschaetzungen-von-friederike-stahlmann/

It is precisely for all these reasons that we consistently demand a stop to deportations to Afghanistan. It is unbearable and irresponsible to expose people to these atrocities. The Austrian federal government, and we should emphasise this again and again, has the possibility to stop deportations to a country at war for humanitarian reasons, despite a negative asylum decision! We therefore ask and demand again and again to make use of this possibility. As long as Afghanistan is dominated by warfare, radical groups, violence and corruption, no protection seekers should be returned to this situation, to this country.

Sincere thanks to all those who support us in this cause, today especially to Antje Hochholdinger https://antjehochholdinger.com/vita/

We must not accept this injustice under any circumstances!

Neither we nor the next generation can be expected to shoulder this inhuman responsibility. Personally, I vehemently refuse to stand silently in the face of this cruel political tactic. As long as I can, I will fight against the deportations to Afghanistan. And I sincerely hope that through dialogue, confrontation with the issue and humanity, many Austrians will support this demand. There are other ways to solve the big challenges, sending people to their deaths is not and must not be an option!

#AfghanistanIsNotSafe #HumanRights #BeSafe ##AfghanLivesMatter #Asylum #Afghanistan #FairnessAsylum

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