#sichersein Heldenplatz, Vienna

#Sichersein - Committed against deportations to Afghanistan

Yes, here they are, the many pairs of shoes. They represent all the people fleeing from great danger. And for me personally, they represent all the people who have been deported from prosperous European countries to Afghanistan. Especially for you, Ahmad Jan. To a country where there were more than 10,000 civilian victims in 2017 and where the violence continues in 2018.

I am standing here among like-minded people and I ask myself why this topic still touches so many people in Austria too little, shakes them awake. Can they really justify being quiet here with their minds, with their hearts? I have met so many young Afghans, Afghan families. And I have sincerely taken so many of them to my heart.

Integration - we have grown together

They have made an effort in everything. They have learned our language, they have made friends, celebrated Christmas, Easter and birthdays with us. They joined associations, volunteered at the border, in hospitals, at Caritas and countless small NGOs.
They have been at music events, attracted people with their paintings, their acting. They have contributed to wonderful hours at many events with their cooking skills. And now?

They have educated themselves, attended schools, started apprenticeships, taken on community work such as park and street cleaning. And now?

They have told their stories, books have been written about them, journalists have written articles about them, they have been interviewed .... And now?

Let us not give up - let us become more radical, in love!

Several of them have been deported and, if our Minister of the Interior has his way, many of them will follow. And now?

Does this leave the many citizens untouched, do they have too little information, or are they afraid to speak out? Do so few see the human responsibility that we have because of our prosperity and the privilege of living in one of the richest, most peaceful countries on earth?

I can only report on the situation of young people who are currently in Afghanistan because the Austrian federal government has not shown any leniency with regard to humanitarian right of abode. A lot of things pass our media by. Daily shootings, corruption, attacks, victims. Fear everywhere, oppression/rape/murder of women, war situation. Many of the deportees are fleeing again because they can no longer bear these conditions, this permanent fear.

A power struggle seems to be raging between aid workers, NGOs, private individuals and those in charge. And it also seems as if the top priority of those responsible is to show harshness. Unbelievable, irresponsible harshness, in which human rights, CSF and much more is largely ignored. The young people are now in Afghanistan. Paralysed by an incredible fear. They hardly dare to go out on the streets, they perceive the cruelty and brutality of this country in a new, much more threatening way.

We have supported them here in their integration. They got involved with trust, love, respect. They got a taste of living together in a peaceful community and their hearts began to adjust. And now?

Where does that lead them and us if we remain in this harshness, in this rigidity? Is this what we want to pass on to our children, to the next generation? Is this what we can represent in a conversation with Christians? Is this what we call our Christian values, which are praised here everywhere?

Let us not give up! Let us become more radical in love. Let us become louder, let us become even more demanding. The nice thing today was to meet many people who think the same way. Let us unite, let us stay active. Let's keep talking to those who are politically responsible. If you are not yet doing so, look for psychologists who can support you with supervision. Let's not give up. Let's help the people on the run who have given so much and achieved so much to weave themselves into our community.

Let us show them what we have tried to share with them, to reawaken in them, to teach them, and have succeeded brilliantly. Let us show them how it is possible to represent social, Christian and human values.

Big thanks to the #sichersein team

to the guests and contributors:

Prof. Paul GULDA (on the grand piano)

Willi RESETARITS (at the microphone)

Daniel LANDAU (Director Protes Choir)

and to ALL who took the time.



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  1. Dear Doro! Thank you for this fantastic summary! As you know, there are not so few of us. (Remember the meeting last Saturday at Menschen.Würde.Österreich). I would only like to offer my personal help, which is and will remain available. With very kind regards, Agnes

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      Dear Agnes! Knowing this calms me very much and gives me strength! I'll be in touch the next time I visit Vienna, Doro, I'm looking forward to it!

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