New Day on Lesbos - Kara Tepe/Moria

What we are doing here, in our opinion, is #disaster relief, urgently needed.

Under no circumstances do we want to see this as a permanent condition. The new #KaraTepe camp urgently needs to be EVACUATED, under no circumstances should we take note of these conditions, accept them, let alone get used to them. Never!

Starting tomorrow, #HomeForAll will be able to support in the camp, delivering food to particularly vulnerable groups. Here Helga and I support with packing and delivering food. It is wonderful to know with what care and love for the people Katharina and her team cook, thank you very much!

Helga and I had preliminary discussions today for 2 planned, concrete support projects directly for the people in Kara Tepe. We assume that these will be approved. We ask you to understand that all discussions and commitments must be completed before we go public with them. The guidelines are tough and if you want to help, right on the ground, we have to cooperate. All those who know me know that this also worked very well in Spielfeld2015, Helga brings Nickelsdorf experience.

There was a moment of happiness in the afternoon.

We met 3 young Afghan women. We were already in contact with 2 of them beforehand. Loredana, a reliable friend and helper, put us in touch with them. We also met the third one before the camp. How strong, loving, what beautiful young people they are. I am deeply touched by the beauty of their beings. Despite all the misery, they have remained in love.

S. Taught children in Moria with her sister M., own initiative! She really wants to do something again, even if she hopes that she will finally escape this "hell".

R. tells us a story that has to do with our homeland, Austria. Our hearts cry with every word she speaks. A beautiful young woman, here with her underage brother, whom she is sheltering. And so battered, hurt, we don't understand a lot of what we do to people, to young beings fleeing war, fleeing extremism. Keeping them in camps like Moria, Kara Tepe, because nobody cares. When the case is closed, which we will do our utmost to do, then we will report. We are not promising anything to anyone here, that would be an unacceptable mistake, but we know our mission.

In the evening we now meet Kilian Kleinschmidt, who landed here today and is working hard to find a larger, European solution.

The work here is so diverse, so challenging and yet there are 2 important things to say over and over again:

Without you we could not do anything here, because help on the ground also costs money. So far we have been able to order 5000 masks, which will arrive here tomorrow for distribution. 4000€ to HomeForAll (food), Pampers and pads for about 700€, we can always buy more. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it only works with WE.

Tomorrow we will start the next acute project, besides the kitchen help, packing and delivering food. We report. #HilfeVorOrt, directly to the people.

In great solidarity with the needy people here on the ground, with our families and closest friends who give us so much strength through conversations, sending songs, telephone calls and messages, with all our colleagues who do urgently needed accompanying work at home and with all supporters who make it possible with their contribution that we can be here and live humanity anew every day. (Photos approved by the people concerned)

Best regards from Lesbos, Doro and Helga

Please send your support to Doro Blancke AT93 3842 0000 0002 7516 Subject: Lesbos, or AT30 2021 6216 9756 3700 Helga Longin/Unser Bruck hilft, Subject: Lesbos

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