Lesbos - cuisine with a big heart

The working day here on Lesvos is stressful, you have to be flexible and yet constant. The heart of our everyday life here is the taverna of Home For All, a small but very efficient NGO, whose founders Katarina and Nikos always have the protection seekers in mind with a big heart and full of energy. As a member of an Austrian NGO, it is enormously important to find a serious contact person here on site. We have succeeded in doing this by working with Nikos and Katharina, and we are very happy about that.

Every day, about 1200 meals are produced here in the kitchen, which are distributed to different vulnerable groups. Katharina is a chef with heart and soul, she and her team produce a meal every day that warms the hearts and satisfies the hunger of people in great need.

We also support Home for all financially with various contributions. Food, kitchen utensils such as plastic boxes to distribute the food, bread, up to 50 rolls a day and much more is financed by us as needed.

It is a great pleasure for us to observe every day the dedication and efficiency with which Katarina and Nikos carry out their work. If you wish, you can also make a donation directly to Home for all, where the money goes directly to the people in the best sense of the word. https://homeforall.eu/

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  1. That is wonderful. Thank you for your humanity. Much strength, joy and confidence. All the best Brigitte Blasch

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