Lasst uns über die Dinge reden, die Freude machen <3

Let's talk about the things that bring joy

You remember my garden?

At the spring festival, everything was still rather brown/green. I nurtured it and it gave me a lot in return. Sunrises, a rush of blossoms, birdsong and the most beautiful view ever.

In autumn the wonderful harvest. The most beautiful bouquets and wreaths, hoarfrost all over the garden, wonderful fruits, cosy visits, balmy afternoons with the scent of autumn...harvest.

You remember Ehrenhausen/Leibnitz, Spielfeld, 2014/2015.

Subdued, tired mood when first entering a refugee shelter. Distrust, fear, exhaustion.

We nurtured and cared for these shelters with the help of loving, very committed helpers. Through German courses, Refugee Coffee, children's group, football team, vegetable garden, clothes shop, food distribution and above all, many visits, friendships were made,

A lot was possible, and certainly not out of pity. No, a lot was possible because we did what is normal between people. You don't watch people die psychologically. No, you don't watch.

Many things were possible: train tickets, Aktion:Bahnhof, Let's cook 2gether, German lessons, FH Joanneum German courses, schools, apprenticeships, private housing, family connections, great networking and so much came back. Exchange, warmth, human bonds, friendships, trust, healing, academic and professional success. Independence.

Today is a day of harvest

Coffee with my dear flatmate Mulham and his girlfriend. So much we have experienced together. Ups and downs. We enjoy our home together with Khalil, even though we give each other space. We trust each other, the boys are super cool about it....they are in life. We see each other intimately close. Thank you for this wonderful gift dear Mulham and dear Khalil. You mean a lot to me, I rejoice daily in your lives and I am happy that you live WITHIN us. How beautiful you are, my dears, Doro

My son is coming to eat:

What a beautiful time. I love my two children with all my heart. They give me happiness, I can learn with them and I am happy about the way they are. Thank you for the encounters with you, without you life would be half as beautiful. I love you, thank you for being, Mum.

Telephone call in the morning with A. Jan.

With A. Jan in Kabul. Desperate, forgotten in his room, hiding 24 hours a day out of fear. Completely on his own in a country where A. feels so alien, an Austrian-Afghan integrated in Afghanistan, no way, too much friendship, too much peace has touched his heart for him to be able to live there again in the current situation.

Yesterday I had a breakdown, I was also overwhelmed, yes, in our work we sometimes reach our limits, it's good to know where they are. Great friends, so human.

And this morning?

We, A. Jan and I, meet each other again, talk on the phone, let ourselves trust again, because we are human beings and that connects us. We know each other.

It is a great gift that this desperate boy, in a country that transmits fear to its inhabitants every second, once again places his trust in me, all alone, he again realises that no matter where his journey takes him, we will stand up for him, that we will accompany him well.

I admire you A. Jan, you are one of the strongest people I know. You defy your despair, your loneliness, sometimes you give in to it, but always you feel your heart and straighten yourself up. I bow down before you.

Visit from Emran.

I will report about him in more detail in another blog.

But how nice when he comes and proudly shows me his BS certificate. He lives his life, has found friends in Upper Styria, loves the company where he works and the company and its employees love him.

Emran always brings sunshine into the house. He always seeks contact and time with him is a great gift. Thank you dear Emran, your regular visits are always a great joy. It fills my heart with warmth and pride that you go your way and become a little happier every day. Thank you for this great joy you give me Emran Jan.

 Reunion with Gerlinde.

We already know each other from Southern Styria. Gerlinde came to the shelters several times and made contacts. Whether it was food, helping to relocate, nice conversations, Gerlinde always had an open ear for the boys. I will also dedicate a blog to her, because she is the wonderful godmother of a wonderful boy from Afghanistan, Ali.

Dear Gerlinde, thank you for always "keeping up" with me. Sometimes my work overtakes me, then I need to retreat to cope with this hard-hitting Afghan campaign on the part of the government and its consequences. A wonderful gift, people who feel my affection and give space for friendship even when I have little time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Gerlinde.

Bimm...Whats App

Mojib reports.

He has a positive asylum decision and is doing an apprenticeship in IT. His boss and his colleagues are totally satisfied and Mojib takes a step further into his own life with every working day. He was always part of the "Let's cook 2gether" project, we often cooked at my place, had many nice conversations, laughed together and shared sadness.

I open the door and as I hug him I realise how real and great our joy is. He comes to visit me, his last years play out before my eyes like a film.

But now, now are the hours of joy. Flat, girlfriend, job, no fear....

No, you are no longer afraid. You keep to your duties, but you also know your rights. Today, on the day of the protest against the 12-hour week, you tell your boss at your part-time job that you are happy to work more than 8 hours if the longer working time is noted and compensated by PA or whatever.

Wow, what a beautiful gift Mojib Jan, every time I see you I rejoice. It is a gift to see you go forward. Thank you for the wonderful hours together and I am very happy about your way and your visits, dear Mojib Jan.

The true beauty of their beings.

In autumn, the garden shows its true nature. If it has been loved and nurtured, then in autumn it is not to be "trimmed", but one enjoys every day, every day one discovers a new beautiful side. The light is soft and beautiful, colourful and full of abundance, every hour. The garden nourishes and gives strength for the winter, after which it is tired, that life goes back to fullness.

Now the boys come into their beauty. They grow, open their beings and show their most beautiful sides. They enjoy the peace, no fear, they celebrate friendships and love.

No fear, no stress....endlich peace.

And I am so grateful for these days, because they fill my heart with such warmth and my head with so much meaning.

I know that even though I never thought of it that way before, what I am doing is right. It is right because I know that every day, despite the often extreme harshness (racism and nationalism are acceptable), at the end of the day I find myself in the meaning that fills my heart with fulfilment and love.

And you, my supporters and friends, I embrace you dearly, who I always know are beside me, who carry me in love, help me when I'm desperate, when I don't know what to do, when we need train tickets, when I need ..........everything! Thank you!

Me and the boys, many of them we thank you!

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