"Small" detail of a deportation 27. 6.18

"Small" detail of a deportation!
Vienna - Kabul/Afghanistan
(27. 06. 18, 00.31 h)

00.31 Telephone rings
Number of the Association for Human Rights

Short thought sugar "what do they want?"

00.31 –
00.32. the young Afghan from Graz

Rushed voice, as if he were shouting "it's me, (name).
And as always in such a stressful situation, the boy is now being deported by charter to Afghanistan (!), I think very quickly, everything will be fine! Although I know that THEY, our federal government, is kicking us/me/the boys right in the heart again, beating the living daylights out of us!

The boy speaks totally frantically in his mother tongue. Then he says "Thank you Doro, for everything".
I don't know if I should let my tears flow? Remember how hospitable, how concerned, how shy he was. Or should I remember that he cooked for his friends for two years?

No time: woman on the phone, asks me "yes please?"
Me: the boy called me, he needs something! What does the boy need?? I almost shout it....

He talks hurriedly to her in Farsi in the background.

The Federal Office for Asylum deports refugees without their documents.

She: "The BfA still has his documents, he needs them".
Me: "so the Bfa was not able to give him his documents in Ca 20 days of detention pending deportation?"?
(I could spit in the face of the representative of the Association for HUMAN RIGHTS (??)!

I know I've been told since I was a child that you don't do that, and I've taught my kids that too. But the government is stretching my capacity to comprehend so much!

This powdered, hypocritical posturing on television! "We abide by the law, we do what is right!"
Everyone I meet knows that pure fascism and nationalism is hidden underneath, and those who speak about it publicly, vehemently, it is also about us, not "only" about the refugee migrants who are "to blame for everything", I ask myself!

What a fuck??

Lady: "please get them and send them to him, the documents!" To Afghanistan?? He was in detention pending deportation for 20 days or more and Austria throws him into the mud, this person, without giving him back his documents?
(The last thing he has of his existence? I despise those responsible, every single one of them!)

Me: "why don't you do that?"
She knows exactly that I will do it, these traffickers know exactly WHO we are and how to hit us....with the boys!"

Me: "make a note to the bfa, I will do that!"

If they do, the boy will never get them!
Why also "one less"?

Mr. Kickl, Mr. Kurz, Mr. Kern (co-signers of the new aliens law 2017) I despise you, all of you! You are bad people!
You pursue a policy of agitation, silence and speculation at the expense of precious life!
I respect our laws, but I despise you!

I can't sleep, I hear his voice and his heartbeat in my ear! My heart is so heavy!

Thank you dearest Dani, thank you for your help! He was very grateful to you! A final gesture for a desperate, distraught young person ?

They want to close down and bury EVERYTHING that people need: Human rights, dignity, love.

Be vigilant!

It's going to be a long night, ......

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