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Like every Tuesday and Thursday yesterday, our action


Every child in the camp under the age of 12 received a chocolate croissant.
Many thanks to all supporters. ♥️

Even though the situation in the camp is still .... and we are calling for an #evacuation, it touches our hearts to see the children's smiles.
The parents are also happy, as it is not possible for most of them to adequately provide for their children.
There are also no possibilities to refrigerate any food, to keep it fresh. So much for "the refugees are allowed to go shopping once a week at the nearby Lidl with the 75€ they get every month.

At the same time as the breakfast action, each child received 3 masks, which we received from the company Gebol/OÖ. Thank you!

The volunteers in the warehouse have also packed packages for all #NewArriver, new arrivals, including the matching shoes, which have been distributed to everyone as of today.
We are constantly ordering from the shoe shop in Mytelini to cover the existential needs. Again, thank you for all your support.

When we are here in the camp in the blazing heat and see with our own eyes the conditions under which the protection seekers, women, children and men have to live here, then it is incomprehensible in the slightest why the European Union is not pushing for distribution in humane accommodation and why the Austrian Federal Government continues to refuse to take in people who already have recognised protection with us. There are hundreds of initiatives that would provide competent and free support in the orderly admission and integration.

What will we say to those children who receive a croissant from us today to satisfy their hunger when they stand before us as adults, recognised refugees?
"We didn't know"?


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