Demand "Fairness Asylum" to the Federal Government and the EU Member States

 Demands/Statement on the current political situation, Turkey/Greece

It is with great concern, but also with indignation, that we observe the developments at the EU's external borders between Turkey and Greece. 

Here in Austria, we see politicians who, at best, talk about an on-site visit and, at other times, about "consistently ramping up border protection". 

In our opinion, both are far too little, even reprehensible, because there is really no time to think about it for long, or to cling to the racist delusion of exclusion with tunnel vision. Various members of NGOs have been reporting on this development for days, not to say weeks. The first, efficient aid measures could have been taken long ago. 

Meanwhile, boats with women and children on board are not allowed to land, tear gas is thrown at mothers and children, young men. We know videos of people being humiliated and abused. 

That's where we are.

Before our eyes, the European Community on human rights is disintegrating like a pile of sand in the wind, shameful. 

And it will become clear that we should never have exposed our children to the consequences of these actions. 

Our federal government talks about arming FRONTEX, which are then those who watch boats with refugees off the Greek coast being surrounded by coast guard ships and forced to turn back by their waves. In the "best" case, in the worst case, they capsize and we will have more deaths to answer for. 

The Minister of the Interior speaks of "we will support Hungary in border protection with Austrian police officers". Remember what happened in Hungary in 2015 with the people seeking protection. Tear gas in the face, beatings, all part of the daily routine. 

We at Fairness Asyl find it important to show all those Austrians who do not want to agree to these unbelievable brutalities other possibilities. And we demand that the Austrian federal government implement them IMMEDIATELY, or immediately join forces with other member states and act effectively and humanely. 

Emptying the camps in Greece, which are completely overcrowded and have offered no protection to anyone for months. Women and children vegetate there with other people, some of them wanting to take their own lives. 

° Distribution of these protection seekers in the European countries. 

Austria should lead the way here, the more countries decide to act humanitarian, the more trend-setting this will be and the more it will spread. 

° immediate help on the spot: 

Immediately support NGOs that help on the ground. 

Make money available for initial relief measures. 

Immediate cooperation with UNHCR and other NGOs that are able to provide initial, urgent assistance on the ground.

° Start up registration offices and med. care offices. 

Orderly registration, rapid distribution to the countries create peace and security, both for the people fleeing and for the inhabitants of the member states. 

° Strict compliance with the Geneva Refugee Convention. 

Change of language, even if the BK likes to speak of "illegal migrants", these are people on the run and every person has the right to apply for asylum in another country.  

Consult experts on how to help most effectively. Politicians on the ground are nice, but they alone are not in a position to provide the people on the ground with urgently needed help. 

° Protect NGOs on the ground. 

People who travel from all over Europe to put their voluntary work at the service of humanity belong to be protected and must not be discriminated against under any circumstances. 

Austria's politicians, neither the chancellor, his party, nor the coalition partner, must not break international human rights law by their actions or by their silence. 

The future of all of us is at stake, especially that of our children. 

We expect immediate action to transform people's "fear" into understanding for this great challenge. 

Populist slogans and self-interest, as well as political tactics, are out of place now and must not be tolerated under any circumstances. 

We will not accept this under any circumstances and ask our supporters, friends and you, dear readers, to think and act prudently and in the spirit of our humanitarian values and to urgently demand that humanitarian values be respected. 

Thank you very much, 

Andi, Doro, Jutta and Wolfgang / Board of Fairness Asylum

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  1. My family should do what is right. The right thing is to confront what is happening at the moment with all determination.

  2. Thank you for your clear words! You consistently point out what is necessary and needed! No "could - should - should", no political empty phrases, but well-considered and thought-out measures!
    be safe
    human rights

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  3. For years we have been watching the Greeks as the camps overflowed and nothing happened. These people should have been distributed among the EU states long ago. Now is the most urgent time if the situation is not to escalate. Support with registration, not with "warding off". Save, don't kill.

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  4. How can we preserve our human dignity before ourselves and our children if we allow the lives and human dignity of those seeking help to be destroyed.

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  5. Humanitarian values must be preserved. Respect the Refugee Convention. We are not only a constitutional state for good days but always. The law must remain the law.

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      That's it!
      We have to fight for this together, because in the field of asylum the rule of law is on shaky ground!
      Arbitrariness is tolerated.

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