Afghanistan - Meeting in the Afghan embassy/Vienna, with Ambassador Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel

Yesterday's meeting with the esteemed Ambassador of Afghanistan, Ms. Ebrahimkhel.
Our major wish is to change the narrative!
In Austria there are a lot of wonderful people from Afghanistan, living with a strong and lovely connection to Austrians and Austria.
We all need to work together in order for the Austrians to realize how beautiful the Afghan culture is and that Afghanistan and the refugees from Afghanistan need strong protection.

The interior minister said that for the moment no deportations to Afghanistan should be executed.
We would be very happy dear IM Karl Nehammer if you and Ambassador Ebrahimkhel would have a meeting and discuss about we could change the narrative. There are a few thousands Afghan people living in Austria. Working, studying, a good integrated community which loves Austria, have a lot of friends here and make an important contribution to our country.
We should talk about this public and change together the narratives.

It's very important that we all look together for a dialogue between Afghans, Afghan Refugees, the politically responsible and that we let the connection between all of them grow.
Thank you so much dear Ambassador Ebrahimkhel for the time and the future oriented dialogue.

Doro Blancke, Fairness Asylum, Ute Bock Award Winner 2020

#StopDeportationToAfghanistan #AfghanistanNeedsProtection #ChangingTheNarratives #HumanRights #Asylum #Afghanistan

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  1. Every time I hear or read about deportation,
    It brings tears to my eyes and I imagine that after five years I have to leave the country, culture, friendship, love, beautiful people all at once, I am forced to fly to a country at war... I don't want to leave Austria and my Austrian friends 💔...

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      Dear Syed Ahmad!
      How right you are. I, too, find it terribly sad how the best-integrated people from Afghanistan are treated.
      And we don't want to lose you, our friends, either.
      HG, Doro

  2. Dear Doro, wonderful that you were at least able to speak to the Ambassador. Unfortunately she did not reply to my letter shortly after her inauguration.
    unfortunately she did not answer or let answer. Glg Johanna

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      Thank you, dear Johanna!
      I would try again, usually all mails are answered. I experience Ambassador Ebrahimkhiel as a very reliable contact person, hG, Doro

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