Parting is not always easy, but in the heart we remain connected

In late autumn, 3 friends from Wandel decided to volunteer here on #Lesbos to support the work of our association "Flüchtlingshilfe-refugee assistance-doro blancke" and of Katerina Nikos/HomeForAll.Susanne landed on the island of #Lesbos on 18.12.20.

After the quarantine had been observed, they immediately went to work. Together with Luna and Konstantin they started to organise the warehouse 8 hours a day. All donations in kind were sorted, prepared for quick delivery and we paid for a new warehouse for Home for All. The youth did all the organising, everything was sorted and put away so that Home for All could go to the camp every day to deliver. Helga and Cathy also worked hard and took Susi into their hearts.

But not only that: with our emotionally very exhausting work here on the island, the daily confrontation with massive suffering, with human rights violations that are almost unbearable, we also have to take good care of each other. Susi cooked us delicious Schupfnudeln with breadcrumbs at home, her warm-hearted manner and her laughter at the games evening and her obliging manner warmed our hearts and gave us great joy.Dear Susi, personally and in the name of our association I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You interrupted your life for a few weeks, left your comfort zone to help people in greatest need, to do exhausting but urgently necessary work and to bring love to the island.

We will miss you! All the more we look forward to seeing you again at home, LOVE Susi. ❤️Hugs,Doro No matter what we do here, how much strength and love we invest here, our demand #EvacuateNow Courage - courage for humanity remains upright!Thank you dear Fayad for the beautiful video

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