Day 1 On-site assistance - Lesvos/Moria

We, Helga Longin and I, have only been in Lesbos for one day. We all know the pictures, the reports, but what people have to suffer here, what crimes are committed against people here with the knowledge of all of us, I/we are at a loss for words....

Children, pregnant women, families, young men, the old, the sick, all homeless in unimaginable conditions. Unimaginable!

Most of them live next to the road, squatting under plastic in the olive groves, no water, no food, no attention from people. The trucks, mopeds, cars drive by, there is dust, unbearable heat.

Our work started at 11 am. At Nikos and Katharina's house we packed the 1500 meals cooked by them and friends. They are a married couple who interrupted their lives 6 years ago because of this unbearable situation for people and have been doing what is necessary ever since. At the moment, providing people with the most basic necessities. Food, water, nappies, fruit, bread.

The distribution tour starts at 2 pm.

We go to the "Jungles" with Nikos, Katharina and other Greeks. How do you feel when people from Afghanistan say "Tashakor Jan" with a tender smile on their face because you give them the bare necessities to eat? And seeing them go back to the dust under the plastic where the children are waiting. In Europe!

Mr Nehammer and all the other populists talk about people who are ready to use violence. He is only flying to Athens, I would have liked to invite him. More civilised than in many a supermarket, they stand in line, patient, polite, several show me the registration documents to prove that somewhere in the shade of the olive groves, the woman with the children is waiting. I am deeply ashamed, I am so affected, I try to smile and say: " everything ok, please. Nushijan" I am deeply ashamed, my heart cries.

And yet, we remain in love, despite these cruel violations that politicians do to people and to us. Because our action and love is the only thing we can do right now. Interrupting our lives for a breath of eternity, coming here and providing #HelpOnSite, donating, documenting, emailing, demonstrating, joining forces with many so that we can build pressure together to help these people now, to bring them to safety, to give them space for a dignified life.

Me and Helga, we're here. This is our part right now. Preparing food, distributing it in the Jungles, getting nappies, baby food, much more.who wants to support us please donate to:

Doro Blancke AT93 3842 0000 0002 7516 Subject "Lesbos" or Helga Longin "Unser Bruck hilft" AT30 2021 6216 9756 3700

The money only ends up in DIRECT help for those affected, we write ongoing reports and keep transparent records. Today we have already given Nikos 1000 Euros in cash and transferred 3000. Please continue to help, THANK YOU!

Heartfelt thanks for your empathy and humanity,

Doro and Helga

#Lesbos #Moria #HelpOnSite #HumanRights #HumanDignity #Hell

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  1. You impress me deeply. That is love in action! Thank you very much.
    We are happy to support you!
    Hedi and Martin Figlhuber

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  2. It is important to help these poor people quickly,
    I am ashamed to be
    to be
    What kind of government have the Austrians

  3. We must help these poor
    people in this situation
    now is important
    What about us humans ,
    do we not know compassion
    These people are like us and live with us in this world

  4. Armin Thurnher (Falter) called for donations to you in his epidemic column. I have followed suit. May others follow!
    Thank you for your commitment. Even if our embarrassing government in Austria does nothing.
    Thomas Vierich

  5. it's shameful how selfish austrians are. Thank you for your help!
    I am happy to support you.

  6. About twenty years ago, I walked through Lesvos, marvelling at the petrified trees, taking in sea views and scents. Armin Thunher's report today and Doro's website make my heart bleed. What has become of us Europeans? Why are we afraid of people but not of eternal damnation? I am not such a believer, but I still believe in people's consciences - it will torment them. I humbly try to help here in Vienna and sincerely thank everyone on the ground.
    Armin Thurnher >
    Peace Alliance >

  7. It is so important what you do! Thank you!!! I am ashamed of this government and the silence of the general public!!! Me and my husband will continue to support you and also promote it among our friends....

  8. I have also just donated. CHAPEAU, what you are always doing Doro & Team! I am so glad that at least in this form, help is being given directly on site, even if it is only "a drop in the ocean". Sincere thanks for your tireless efforts!

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