19. Adventsfenster

Working with the heart and yet being professional is very important to my team and I.
If you know refugees for a long time, you develop friendships.

We cook together, go on trips once in a while, or stay somewhere for a very personal conversation.
The brutal deterrent policy allows people to suffer many humiliations and mental injuries on a daily basis.
It seems even more important to us to show the other “face” of Europe to the refugees at the external borders – compassion, the perception of their person, their needs and also their personal losses and fears.

In addition to our work of supporting, encouraging and demanding, there is still room for this to this day, because we think it is important and it also fills us with joy, gratitude and confidence.

Because where trust is built, all participants are gifted and it is a wonderful basis for good coexistence – for our peaceful future.

Thank you for making our work on the external borders and therefore many beautiful connections possible, that too is a contribution to peace.

Here you go for support
thank you so much Doro and team ❤️

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